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Our "Transformers Awards" Best Practice Identification Methodology


The Context


Transformation programs take quite specific forms depending on the organizational context, history, and identity of each company. Indeed, for the players we work closely with through our best practice identification methodologies, we have noted that these programs contain 50 to 150 transformation projects. Our approach does not pretend to compare these projects in order to distinguish those that offer the best impacts and/or returns on investment. However, our approach is based on the determination of what constitutes a very special effort that has been put in place, and which is intimately linked to the organizational DNA of each organization and its ability to align all the stakeholders in its transformation in a shared and unprecedented effort. This type of effort has the capacity to generate a transformational snowball, and above all, is a source of inspiration for the entire sector. This process is led by a team of certified Trusted Advisors experts in change management and transformation management (ESSEC Chair of Change, Management 3.0, ...).


Our approach 


  • Component 1: Our work is initiated by a quantitative/qualitative benchmarking around different challenges that we submit for assessment to several managers and executives of several companies in the sector concerned.

  • Component 2: Our team then sets up a focus group protocol. By inviting a representative set of stakeholders in the transformation of the actors to these focus groups, the reflection work begins by putting several sub-groups in situation within the framework of a creative work that projects the companies of the sector in its development perspective. Through group psychology tools, the different participants highlight the key factors of success and failure, the key initiatives, as well as the projections of the transformation scenarios.

  • Component 3: For each organization "evaluated" in our "Transformers Awards" assessment, we conduct individual interviews to analyze the transformational dynamics, to conclude and confirm key trends that recur frequently and have credibility in terms of results. From this, we identify initiatives and efforts that must also be consistent with the organizational model and the levels of buy-in, support or leadership of the organization's functions. These levels are assessed separately through an iteration of confirmation through a benchmark with what we notice through the sector analysis.

  • Component 4: The results of our global analyses are presented in detail in an annual report that we deliver with each edition. The reports are available HERE.  

  • Component 5: The best achievements in transformation initiatives and projects are recognized through the Transformers Awards in two categories: (1) Transformation in its entirety, and (2) Solution and/or customer experience with high transformation impact. 



The approach mobilizes 10 experts for a period of 6 months (per edition). In summary, the key stages of our approach to identifying best practices are as follows: 

Qualitative & quantitative benchmarking of companies in the sector
Focus group of transformation scenarios (inter-company)
Qualitative analysis of resistance vs. leadership
Analysis of projects/initiatives vs. the DNA of each actor subject to the Transformers Awards assessment (Intra-company)
Consolidation & conclusion of the best initiatives (inter- and intra-company): Report + Awards
Would you like to participate to the Transformers Awards assessment? 

Do not hesitate to contact us to deploy our quantitative and qualitative approach to identify your organization's best practices.

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