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12 banks in 9 countries (in alphabetical order)  

About 2021' edition of the Transformers Awards


The scope of the fourth edition of the Transformers Awards and Trusted Advisors research about transformation and innovation practices in the banking sector have been broadened: our teams have thus focused, for more than 6 months, on the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. Objective: to identify high-impact initiatives and to observe the evolution of the transformational processes of the players subject to the study. Our diagnostic work thus concerned 12 banking sector players operating in this region. We followed initiatives as diverse as they were complementary: adoption of new organisational modes, development of new channels and services, implementation of state-of-the-art technological infrastructures or the integration of innovative VSE/SMEs with an orientation towards strategic sustainability.


In undertaking this 6-month exercise with a dozen consultants involved in the analysis and assessment work, we identified a number of cases that we considered interesting. We will share these cases with you in the current section. But before doing so, it is important to focus on an element common to these 12 players singled out by the study: we have noted that all of these players aim to position themselves in a distinctive way with regard to market requirements and to really differentiate themselves. This ambition is fuelled in particular by the desire to respond to digital requirements, both in terms of growing demand from connected customers, and as part of a quest for performance, by introducing tools, via appropriate metrics, to measure the return on investment of digital transformation initiatives.

These cases are a source of learning for players, from the banking sector but also from other sectors, to draw inspiration from the practices of ambitious, leading organisations with strong transformational engagement.


In addition, we would like to thank all 100 executives, managers and CEOs of the 12 banks and financial institutions that participated in our work for their energy and sense of sharing. Their involvement is an essential and enriching part of our research.

List of banks getting the Transformers Awards distinctions (2021 edition)

AGF - 2021 English.png
BanK Audi - Egypt.png
BMCI (BNP Paribas) Morocco.png
Commercial Bank of Dubai – UAE.png
Habib Bank A G Zurich.png
Stanbic IBTC Bank - Nigeria.png
Crédit Agricole du Maroc – Morocco.png
Musoni Microfiance - Kenya.png
Société Générale - Ivory Coast.png
STB – Tunisia.png
UBA – Ivory Coast.png

List of the Transformers Awards (2021) intended for decision-makers as a part of the "Leadership" category (Alphabetical order): 

Abdelmounaim Dinia - Best Transformation
Mr Philippe Dumel - Best Transformationa
Amit Malhotra - Best Transformational CE
Sarata Koné Thiam - Best Transformation
Mr Nassa Idrissa - Best Transformational
Mr Umair Chaudhary - Best Transformation
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