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Transformers Awards - couleur fond trans

« Transformation » Award:

Best transformational Time-to-Market


As part of its digital transformation, Bank of Africa has made Time-To-Market a key strategic issue with transformational impact. Thus, in order to keep pace with the rapid evolution of the banking environment and the expectations of its clients, 3 key principles have been monitored and supported:


  • A governance concentrated at the highest level of the bank's hierarchy: in order to carry out the reflection with the required strategic dimension, a digital committee composed of directors of the different entities comes to support the program/project teams, already in place in order to communicate around the different proposals, to converge towards the action plans to be deployed, and to ensure a periodic reporting, all this with the objective to follow the progress of the different projects and to anticipate corrective measures;

  • A clear digital strategy: in response to changing customer needs, Bank of Africa, anxious to improve its Time to Market, is implementing a clear strategy by setting clear objectives, in line with customer expectations. To this end, significant work has been carried out to specify the strategy for the deployment of digital services;

  • Dissemination of an agile mindset: for Bank of Africa, the strengthening of the Time-to-Market obviously involves a structural change in working methods. Thus, the bank has set up agile workspaces and platforms allowing the different teams to work in workshop mode, with more interaction and communication.

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« Solution / Customer Journey » Award: 

BMCE Business Online

Following a "digital" oriented strategy, Bank of Africa has deployed numerous value-added solutions for its customers, namely private individuals, professionals, but also businesses such as BMCE Business Online.


This solution, launched in September 2019, is the new Global Banking portal dedicated to businesses while offering an enhanced customer experience based on the latest technological, process and security innovations.  


That said, BMCE Business Online stands out for:


  • A mutualized solution that covers Trade Finance and Cash operations;

  • The possibility of consulting, monitoring and carrying out operations in real time;

  • Its transactional and advisory space rich in functionalities to meet the most recurrent needs;

  • Its features to improve the daily management of companies in a highly secure environment.



In fact, this portal provides its clients with a wide range of practical and dynamic functionalities. The Trade Portal allows the remote initiation of international trade operations, online monitoring of their progress and validation of their execution via a remote signature and a 100% digital process. 



The "Cash" Portal provides a consolidated view of all company accounts (multi-accounts/multi-companies) in real time, but also enables all types of transactions (unit, RTGS or mass) to be initiated remotely and at any time.

Would you like to participate to the Transformers Awards assessment? 

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