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Transformers Awards - couleur fond trans

« Transformation » Award:

Best data-centric transformation


The success of the transformation initiatives of Audi Bank is the result of proactive management that is aware of customer experience (CX) and innovation issues. In this sense, Audi Bank is continuously improving its brand image by promoting simplicity and responsiveness to customer needs, with an emphasis on ease of access and customer visibility. Transformation efforts are also focused on spreading a customer-oriented mindset with the aim of continuously improving the CX and offering innovative customer paths, with a greater emphasis on digital.


Audi Bank is stepping up its efforts to anchor a culture of innovation and an agile ecosystem around it. Indeed, the success of banking solutions of Audi Bank is the result of a collaborative approach that involves a large number of employees in the design of projects. Moreover, whether in branches or remotely via digital channels, the bank is strengthening its efforts to improve service quality in terms of reception, optimising waiting times, responsiveness and speed, while offering relevant banking services to customers and prospects.


All of these efforts are fuelled by a data exploitation approach through surveys and data set systems oriented towards the assessment of the "Voice of Customer", the evaluation and monitoring of the CX through a new management system, and an evaluation of the "Voice of Process" by tracking data relating to internal process performance defects reported by users (account opening error, processing anomaly, defective functionality, etc.).

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« Solution / Customer Journey » Award: 

Managing customers journey in branches

Most banks and other industries that serve customers through branches view the queuing system as a ticketing system to manage their floor only. However, Bank Audi's new queuing system is not just a queue, it is a digital system that manages the customer flow in the branches with the following features:

  • Customers can now book their tickets via the mobile application or via the bank's website before visiting the branch.

  • The application can suggest the branch closest to the customer and/or the least busy depending on the waiting time and the number of customers and other parameters.

  • Customers will be informed via the application about the required documents they need to bring to undertake the desired operations.

  • The queuing system application can redirect the customer to the nearest e- banking or ATM / ITM if the chosen service can be executed from any of the platform.

  • Within branches, the queuing system can redirect customers to digital signage (interactive kiosks) so that they can implement this transaction instead of waiting for their queue number.

  • A pop-up message will be generated from the queuing system to the appropriate sales manager when the customer visits the branch, the message will contain the customer's name, account number and the service required if the customer chooses it beforehand. The CR will welcome clients and proactively prepare their requests or documents.

  • In case of complaint or bad evaluation, the application will send an e-Mail + SMS + message (on the dashboard of the queuing system) with the customer's data and bad evaluation reason or complaints to the concerned parties + the branch manager to take the necessary and corrective measures.

The application management system dashboard will also provide the management team with detailed information on branches, waiting time, transaction time, customer requirements and transaction numbers:

  • The queuing system will send alerts or messages to branch managers when transaction times are exceeded or wait times are increased to take the necessary corrective action and avoid dissatisfaction.

  • The application will also provide management with an analysis of the capacity plan based on staff utilization and suggestions for opening new branches in overcrowded areas or increasing staff capacity for better services.

  • The application also allows to measure the performance of the personnel according to an in-depth analysis based on their behaviour.

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