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Société Générale du Maroc


Transformers Awards - couleur fond trans

« Transformation » Award:

Best innovation processes

Innovation has always been at the heart of Société Générale (Morocco) Group’s main priorities. In a process of continuous improvement and to meet its ambitions, Société Générale (Morocco) has adopted a comprehensive open innovation strategy. The principle is about opening the innovation process to all: employees, customers, universities, external and internal ecosystems... This is done in a spirit of co-construction, using collective intelligence.


The challenge for Société Générale (Morocco) is to instil a dynamic of innovation in all employees and in all regions and to capitalise on strong synergies between all the players who can bring added value to innovative projects. The initial results of this approach are very encouraging: thanks to open innovation sessions organised between business lines, start-ups and customers, new projects are starting to multiply. With a major advantage: each business line is piloting its own innovation projects with the support of internal and external coaches, playing a supporting and facilitating role. The Research & Development component, which the bank has begun to outsource through partnerships with universities, also enriches the "innovation" services offered to all business lines and subsidiaries of the Societé Générale (Morocco) group.


This approach has been structured in a program that Société Générale (Morocco) has called "OpenTech Challenge" initiated by the bank's Digital Factory and in partnership with CEED Morocco. The first edition was launched around the topic of mobile payment with the objective of defining new use cases. 200 international startups expressed their interest in the challenge, 20 were pre-selected and pitched in front of a jury composed of the bank employees, 7 startups were incubated to co-construct together innovative products and services. Société Générale (Morocco) is also working with the winning startups on a service offer. Given the success of this first edition, others are being developed.

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« Solution / Customer Journey » Award: 

The reinvented phygital branch

Société Générale has launched innovative branch formats that strengthen the customer experience, while supporting these efforts with changes in employees journey and responsibilities. The changes in branch formats are supported by intuitive, easy-to-use digital platforms, both in-branch and out-of-branch, adapted to greater "customer" agility in phygital environments (contraction of physical and digital).


The Flagship branch was designed to be a showcase of excellence for Société Générale (Morocco) in terms of customer journey. It thus represents a new concept of agency where the two models - transactional and relational - are clearly dissociated. Concretely, the aim is to encourage customers to carry out all their simple transactions on multifunction machines and to direct them to expert advisers for more complex transactions linked to life's moments: acquiring a home, building up savings, protecting themselves against life's ups and downs... The Flagship agency is made up of several living spaces offering new customer experiences:


  • A reception area with sales assistants who guide and accompany customers in the self care area consisting of self-service vending machines or "digital bar" equipped with shelves;

  • Connected customer areas, dedicated to discreet discussions with customer advisers;

  • “Zen Zone" waiting areas that offer customers a more friendly environment;

  • To make the customer experience unique, Société Générale (Morocco) also wanted to associate the Flagship branch with an exclusive olfactory signature, a plant footprint and a digital wall.



With a view to the continuous improvement of the customer experience, these initial initiatives are being reinvented in line with changing customer needs and expectations. The Flagship agency wants to be a real laboratory in terms of customer interactions and new technologies.

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