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Commercial Bank of Dubai

 United Arab Emirates

Transformers Awards - couleur fond trans

« Transformation » Award:

Best customer-oriented execution of the transformation

In 2017, CBD was the first bank in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to launch its digital bank "CBD Now". This bold initiative is part of a strategy that has been in place for many years, with the aim of making digital technology the main driver of its business development. In 2019, CBD still maintains its image as a "full digital" bank, with a large part of its projects focused on digital with practical and fast functionalities that align with the needs of connected customers.

  • The successful transformation of the CBD is the result of visionary governance of the transformation agenda, which articulates several key levers such as :

  • The customer at the heart of the strategy: The efforts of the top management and employees must meet customer requirements, the latter being the keystone of the innovations designed given the diversity of the offer on the market. Thus, within the CBD, the objective is to put itself in the shoes of customers to proactively anticipate their needs, through exclusive and disruptive solutions that set it apart from the competition.

  • Shared vision of "the bank of tomorrow": In order to achieve the desired objectives together, CBD is multiplying its efforts to unite all teams around a common goal. Digital transformation is seen as a collective commitment whose results will benefit all contributors.

  • Agility and experimentation: In order to succeed in the digital transition, CBD favours an agile and collaborative approach that embeds the different functions in the design of new solutions. For a better quality, experimentation is put forward  in order to perfect the products and then offer them in a relevant way to the customers.

  • Concrete integration of Fintechs: In order to accelerate the innovation process, CBD takes advantage of the creative potential of fintechs. The bank is aware of the opportunity that these technological pushes present and the synergy that they can generate, indeed, part of the digital solutions and functionalities have been developed following concrete partnerships with fintechs.

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« Solution / Customer Journey » Award: 

"Direct from Customer"


CBD Team got together in the beginning of 2019 to create a vision for “Bank of Tomorrow”, and this led to a series of transformational Digital initiatives called “Direct from Customer” or  “DFC”.  The project was split into two phases for focused execution and speed to market.  Under the project, the customer journeys were redesigned to provide fully digitized products and services to “New” as well as “Existing” customers, without any paper work or human interface. Phase 1 went live by end in Q3 2019, where by CBD customers can

  • open current and savings accounts real time / instantly,

  • get top up for personal loans with money credited into their accounts instantly,

  • get salary overdraft with money credited into their accounts real time ,

  • perform various services instantly including cards activation, Pin change , cards blocking / unblocking , supplementary cards application and limit change


Phase 2 is expected to go live where by a “New to bank” customer will be able to apply for new products with instant fulfillment and activation including virtual cards, instant personal loans and instant transactional accounts.


This "Direct from Customer" approach is also complemented by innovative solutions such as the virtual banking wizard created by the CBD. CBD's experience in interacting with customers through intelligent platforms started in 2014 with the launch of the intelligent web application "Sara", which could answer up to 92% of the questions and requests expressed by customers in a fast and convenient way. Thus, "Sara" became "the first virtual banking assistant in the region, but above all the most coveted by customers, thanks to its efficiency and 24/7 availability, via the bank's website, mobile application and kiosks.

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