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Crédit Agricole du Maroc


Transformers Awards - couleur fond trans

« Transformation » Award:

Best reinvention of employee journey

The bank's transformation is centred around major initiatives and projects by placing the customer at the centre of the reflection, through the introduction of smart branches, the creation of a new mobile application with original and commercial functionalities (as opposed to transactional functionalities), the "Big data" orientation and other solutions that respond to the group's key challenges, namely: digital and innovation. In addition, the improvement of the customer experience and the success of these projects result from the appropriation of these products by the employees, themselves, who are ambassadors of digital solutions to customers, so the challenge for the group lies in the engagement of the players and the diffusion of a "digital" mindset. To this end, this "collaborator'actor" logic is of particular importance for the group.


The Crédit Agricole du Maroc Group has always considered the employee experience as a "must have", insofar as employees' aspirations evolve in parallel with customers' expectations and consumption patterns. Priority is given to implementing solutions that enable employees to be more autonomous and closer to customers. In this sense, The Agile Work tools that are put at the disposal of employees are in line with this logic and allows employees more autonomy in carrying out certain banking operations, but also a follow-up of their commercial activity. In addition, the latter contributes to financial inclusion thanks to the mobility it offers for carrying out operations in the rural world. The novelty in 2019 lies both in the integration of the monitoring of commercial performance in the work tool, but also in the management of synergies between the group's business lines and subsidiaries. It is now possible for each employee to recommend a client to one of the bank's business lines via a digital platform to ensure that the client is well taken care of.

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« Solution / Customer Journey » Award: 



As part of its transformational dynamic, Crédit Agricole du Maroc proactively offers digital solutions with a high impact on the customer experience. This ambition is in line with the evolution of the Moroccan banking environment and changing customer behaviour.

In this context, Crédit Agricole du Maroc introduced an interesting innovation in 2020: "Imtiazat-e". It should be noted that this application is, today, the only one in Morocco that allows a farmer customer to have a 100% digital journey.


The bank has been able to capitalize on its historical expertise in the rural and agricultural world to offer an innovative solution to agricultural customers: “Imtiazat-e”. The latter is enabling customers to carry out several operations without going to the bank branches, to consult their accounts and credit commitments and, above all, to renew them automatically.


It also allows them to consult the list of subsidies from the Agricultural Development Fund (FDA) Program and to confirm interest in such subsidies through Imtiazat-e. The Crédit Agricole du Maroc thus enables farmers to benefit from subsidies enabling them to ensure the functioning of their agricultural activities while waiting for the release of State subsidies.


"Imtiazat-e" also offers customers the possibility of initiating applications for financing related to agriculture, as well as applications to subscribe to certain banking and para-banking products and services, such as climate multi-risk insurance. In short, it is an intuitive application whose design is based on simplicity, with access in Arabic and French. It should also be noted that this solution is accessible to non-bank clients, provided they are recipients of an FDA grant. These non-clients can monitor the status of their files by being able to obtain advances from the bank, if necessary.

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