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BMCI (BNP Paribas)


Distinctions: Transformers Award 2021


Award 1

Best Digital Strategy

Category: Transformation

Award 2

Best Mobile Banking customer experience related to “BMCI Connect" 

Category: Customer Experience

Award 3

Best Transformational CEO of the Year

"Philippe Dumel" 

Category: Leadership

In the context of the awards obtained by the BMCI (Morocco), we are pleased to share with you the following key thoughts of Mr Philippe Dumel, CEO of BMCI, on his engaging vision, the bank's digital strategy, and some highlights about customer experience. 

What is the transformation vision of BMCI and how do you engage BMCI employees and stakeholders throughout the transformation journey?


Philippe Dumel: Our transformation vision is directly inspired by the expectations of our customers, shareholders, employees and more generally, by the behaviour the civil society is expecting from an international bank nowadays. It means for us, making the financial life of our customers always more simple and convenient, redesigning our processes to be leaner and more efficient, investing in and training our people and developing a banking activity with positive impacts on our environment. Various but very exciting challenges, in fact.

Digitization is of course a key enabler of our transformation journey. The successive lockdowns due to the COVID-19, stressed even more the need to get more digital. Despite the pandemic situation, our teams managed to deliver a brand new mobile banking service in 2020, well rated and appreciated by our customers. To underline their performance, notice that this new application has been developed while we are also changing our core banking system.

A new core banking system creates at the same time a perfect opportunity to revisit main processes, making them more automated, strait through and secure. This program will be completed in 2021, allowing us to enjoy a fully modernized IT system to support our development in the future years.

To clarify and prioritize our next steps we elaborated a new four years plan, defining what we expect to deliver until 2024. It was an intense and fruitful exercise, which has entered now in an execution mode. During the design phase, we paid a specific attention to the impact we could have to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive development in the world.

Of course, everyone can imagine that all these transformations cannot be achieved without a great involvement of our employees. It requires to on-board them in the various programs, to train them, making them comfortable with the new tolls and processes, and also supporting them through their own initiatives, out of the bank: knowledge-sharing, charity, gender parity… To face all these challenges, BMCI is permanently inspired by the value of BNP Paribas, our mother company, which aims to be the bank of a changing world. 

What are the components of BMCI “Digtial Strategy” (pillars, ambitions) and how it’s fostering BMCI transformation? 

Philippe Dumel: BMCI's Digital Strategy has been build around three strong customer-centric ambitions, which are to 1) Simplify the customer relationship, 2) Make banking easier on a daily basis and 3) Support the customer from end to end.

Designed for customers, this strategy is operationalized around 4 strategic pillars:
# 1 Digitalized Customer Journeys
# 2 Intensify Banking Selfcare
# 3 Mobile First
# 4 Phygital

The Digital Strategy supports the transformation of BMCI as a whole and accelerates its desire to meet the customers’ needs and uses. Operational adaptations must first and foremost provide the most appropriate and efficient customer experience through new products and services with strong added-value. Empowering our clients has never been more important in this particular context. Even if Digital remains a valuable asset for organization and clients, BMCI paid a particular attention to intelligently reconciling Physical & Digital world so as not to create disruptions for our customers. Digital is an important channel for our customers and have to strengthen existing customers channels in order to provide a consistent journey (#omnichannel).

Digital Transformation is impacting the entire internal organization: culture, organization, customer experience, technological base, processes but also data. Today's world is changing, and the digitization of journeys remains an appropriate response to this changing environment.

BMCI, BNP Paribas Group Bank, is committed to supporting this transformation in a constantly changing world. The operationnal adaptations will continue over the years according to BMCI ambitions.


What are the highlights of the customer experience related to " BMCI Connect » / Mobile banking”?

Philippe Dumel: BMCI Connect is an online banking service designed according to customer needs. Customer journeys were designed with the support of our customers through long iterative phases and were tested by our customers prior the launch. This approach has enabled us to guarantee a perfect matching between the product and customers’ expectations & uses.

The customer experience is optimal:
• Customer journeys are inspired by other BNP Paribas Group Mobile Banking Applicaitons which have been widely adopted and approved by our international customers
• Simple and efficient customer journeys allowing to make banking operations in fully autonomy
The customer can make his transfers, add or delete beneficiaries, pay his invoices or request information directly from his banking mobile application. BMCI Connect responds to our customers' need for more autonomy and branches will be more available to deliver them advices
• A reinforcement of security which reassures our customers and guarantees them the security of their operations.
• Very easy to get started with the application with a comprehensive user guide and a sales force that supports our customers as closely as possible to answer their questions.
• Customization by hand of the customer through the categorization of its operations. Customers have control over BMCI Connect Mobile Application and can customize as they wish

BMCI - Distinction - Transformers Awards
Mr Philippe Dumel - Best Transformationa
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