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Transformers Awards - couleur fond trans

« Transformation » Award:

Best integration of fintechs


BDL has implemented a strategy to engage various fintechs/startups around the bank's projects in the digital sphere. The idea is to accelerate the innovation process by relying on the creative and dynamic potential of fintechs. The concrete integration of this ecosystem constitutes a key lever for innovation at the service of the client, creating the synergy required for a proactive vision of transformation.


BDL's concrete collaboration with Algerian fintechs is spread out over two parallel roadmaps: firstly, a recently developed multi-channel bank, and secondly, a full digital bank in preparation.


  • In all investments in the current architecture and in partnership with Algerian fintechs, the multi-channel bank is based on a digital platform that is slightly dependent on the current core banking platform (multi-channel transition).

  • In the new "digital banking" scheme, BDL aims to outsource a certain number of modules and Core-Banking will be used as a minimum: All new workflows will be developed on a Digital Banking platform rather than on Core-Banking, like the billing or digital marketing modules, for more flexibility and agility.



This intense "BDL - fintechs" collaboration has a strong impact on the transformation of BDL with focus on customers and their expectations as well as needs.

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« Solution / Customer Journey » Award: 



A program to modernize and enhance the mobile application is a major priority for BDL, whose ambition is to make a range of innovative functionalities available to customers. This program is based on the following two principles:

  • Consolidation and optimization of the current scope of services in production;

  • The integration of new services allowing BDL to stand out from the other banks in the market (innovation).


Indeed, the bank launched its mobile application in 2014 with interesting functionalities, however, with the genesis of smartphones and the rapid evolution of customer needs, the new application "My BDL" is richer with a fluid design and more convenient services. Moreover, mobile is proving to be the most practical solution to reach the maximum number of Algerian customers.

To this end, My BDL strengthens the already existing functionalities, with the initiation of new solutions:

  • The opening of accounts remotely;

  • Remote transfers and transfers between individuals (P2P);

  • Validation by OTP signature;

  • Instantaneous responsiveness to customer requests through a customer service messaging platform;

  • Remote simulation of debt capacity, home loans, savings plans, with the ability to share them with third parties (via email or sms);

  • The ability to convert Algerian currency to 13 different currencies in real time;

  • Geolocation of branches;


In addition, the bank is stepping up its efforts to enhance the reliability and performance of its mobile application, but also to offer other disruptive solutions.

Would you like to participate to the Transformers Awards assessment? 

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