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Transformers Awards - couleur fond trans

« Transformation » Award:

Best transformational value creation through innovation


Since the launch of the first Internet Banking website in Tunisia, AMEN BANK has brought a transformational value to both its customers and employees. This strategy is implemented through a rationalization and modernization of branches, whose vocation is to offer a better service accessible 24/7, reduce costs and improve the customer experience whose needs are rapidly changing. AMEN BANK's product and service offering has been adapted to meet these needs for each segment, for example, non-resident companies and Tunisians Living Abroad who now have the ability to perform foreign exchange, trade finance, and other online services with ease.


In addition, AMEN BANK mobilizes a proactive approach to transformation related in particular to the customer/bank relationship sustained, through the implementation of new software and the adoption of new technologies, relying on the know-how of the bank’s engineers and the agility of the various business lines of the bank, they ensure that they anticipate innovations that better meet customer expectations in terms of technology and security.


Beyond the technological aspect, the bank sees in the digital transformation an opportunity to develop a new way of working and to create an agile and dynamic ecosystem, leveraging new ICT and soft skills. According to this perspective, the different teams adapt quickly to change by spreading a customer-oriented culture. In addition, the collaborative mindset of AMEN BANK teams is an essential ingredient for the success of projects initiated. Teamwork encourages ideation and sharing: experienced and motivated teams that work together to propose and implement innovative solutions, this collaborative mindset increases synergy within the teams.

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« Solution / Customer Journey » Award: 

Amen Pay

AMEN BANK's ambition is to become an agile solutions provider par excellence. Moreover, digital is not considered as a simple additional channel or path, but rather as a strategy in its own.


To achieve this, the Bank is striving to rapidly align itself with the expectations of more demanding customers whose behaviour is constantly changing with the growing use of smartphones. Indeed, their digital experience on a personal level (social network, mobile application,...), outside the banking world, represents a real alignment challenge. In this context, AMEN BANK has launched a mobile payment solution AmenPay, available for download on Play Store (Android) and very soon on App Store (IOS). This solution works on "QR Code" and NFC technologies, fully meeting international security standards.


To enjoy the features of AmenPay, customers download the application on their smartphone and register by filling out the application form. A confirmation of the registration of the Wallet on the smartphone will be sent by SMS to the cardholder. It should be noted that "AmenPay" works with all Tunisian bank cards, even prepaid cards, thus contributing actively and effectively to the national goal of financial inclusion. Thanks to "AmenPay", cardholders can already freely carry out payment transactions at affiliated "merchants", universities, and restaurants.


In addition, a new feature of Amen Pay is operational and allows users to feed their virtual wallet to perform a variety of transactions, namely: transfer between individuals, online purchases, bill payments, ... Note that this solution does not require a bank account, which allows Amen Bank to target other customer segments.


Finally, it should be noted that AmenPay will also soon launch new features, namely the transfer of mobile to the ATM, a practical solution that will save customers the permanent use of the card for withdrawals, in short, the ambition is to make the mobile payment device par excellence.

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